What’s new in version 7 of the Tournament Keeper?
[Feature]: Check Printing – Payouts may now be printed to a custom check form. A basic template is provided and can be modified to fit your organization’s needs. We can also assist in creating a custom check template for a small fee. There is room for a digitized signature to be added when customizing the template.
[Feature]: Individual fish weigh-in – to be used for tournament where fish will be weighed one at a time. The maximum number of fish entered is controlled by the number of fish in a limit setting for the tournament. The lowest weight fish will be removed if a limit has already been reached.
[Feature]: Tournament Fee Report – Tournament Fees and payments can be tracked with a new Tournament Fee and Payment Audit report.
[Feature]: GPF reporter – If the program fails with a General Protection Fault a message will be displayed with the details of the failure which may be eMailed directly to Taysys Software.
[Feature]: Tournament Fee Defaults and Overrides – Tournament entry fees and all options can be set in the division Preferences so an angler’s or team’s registration is automatically filled as options are filled. These fees can be overridden at the tournament level.
[Feature]: Boat numbers may optionally be assigned sequentially as anglers or teams are registered for a tournament. The next available number may also be overridden before the registration is complete.
[Feature]: Added payouts field in tournament report
[Feature]: Added a “Best # Tournaments” for year to date calculations. The original option to “Drop # Tournaments” is still available but did not work for many organizations.
[Feature]: Added option for disqualification on a short fish
[Feature]: Copy Paybacks Between Tournaments
[Feature]: User Defined Paybacks – User can now import a CSV file of their own tournament paybacks
[Feature]: User Defined Point System – Users may now import their own point system into the Preferences setup for a division. Each division may have its own unique user scoring system. Each user defined system can have up to three different schedules allowing for tournaments within the same division to be scored differently. Each schedule can be edited or a new set can be uploaded for any division.
[Feature]: Added option to add the tournament bonus points to the tournament total where the default is to show them at year-to-date.
[Feature]: Species Tracking and Audit Repoirt- species of fish may be entered for each angler or team with the number caught, dead and total weight. A single entry for each species may also be entered for the tournament. An audit report may be printed detailing the total number and weight for each species that can be sent to an fish resources agency.
[Improvement]: The next day partner phone numbers have been added to report field selections for user created Pro scale weigh slips that contain “Next Day Partner.” All four member phone numbers have been added since organizations use different ones for the angler’s contact number. The stock weigh slip does not contain the phone number.
[Improvement]: For Pro Scale users, the button to activate the scale is selected before the weight field so all you have to do is pree the OK button to bring up the scale.
[Improvement]: Set Fish Weigh-in Order – the order in which fish are weighed may now be configured to weigh big fish before all the fish (total bag). the default is still all fish before big fish.
[Improvement]: Paybacks are now accessible from the tournament results list.
[Improvement]: Pro-am weigh-in results display now has separate tabs for the Pro and Am accumulated weights.
[Improvement]: Tournament Option Defaults in Preferences- the additional or other options available for each tournament can now be set as a default in the division preferences.
[Improvement]: Separate Team Member Payouts will now split the place amount when entered or or generated.
[Improvement]: Added “Other Penalty” to all weigh-in forms. The other penalty can be used where other penalties need to be applied which are not configured in the program. A brief explanation may be entered with the penalty. The penalty is added to all other penalties and deducted from the angler’s or team’s weigh-in weight.
[Improvement]: Payback Place Percentage Editing- user may now calculate or import a list of paybacks and edit either place amount or place percentage. If the place amount is editted then the percentage is re-calculated. If the place percentage is editted the the amount is re-calculated. In all cases the total payout and difference from the payout pool is re-calculated.
[Improvement]: Substitutes on teams are now identified on all tournament reports by a “>” preceding their name.
[Improvement]: In a Pro-Am event weigh-in, boaters (Pros) and non-boaters (AMs) have their own accumulated weight tabs.
[Improvement]: Bulk email will now allow for multiple attachments.
[Fix]: Changing the Team Partner for multi-day would create an issue of a missing team entry for day 2 and/or day 3. This has been corrected.
[Fix]: Corrected Team Report with Hometowns that was not functioning under the Team Boat menu
[Fix]: Member bulk email may have failed due to CSIDL directory structure. This has been corrected.
[Change]: All reports with “B.A.S.S.#” to “Federation#.”
[Change]: Cosmetic changes to the some of the stock reports
[Change]: In YTD reporting, some “did not fish” (DNF) tournament results may not sort so that they are dropped first. This has been changed to guarantee that a DNF tournament result is dropped first.
[Regression]: Removed the “Data File Copy and Restore” process from the “Backup-Restore Operations.” The “Zip Archive or Restore Data” option is still available and considered the process to use for saving the data.